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"Are they going to dance?"

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In the nearly sixteen years that I have lived in Jersey City I have always been proud to say to my friends and family who live out of town that Jersey City is a beacon of hope. This is a town where generally people get along and trivial things such as race, country of origin, sexuality are less important than the fabric, the soul of the individual. Hell... language ability doesn't even matter... I know so many people who barely or completely do not speak English yet, we understand one another perfectly fine. Jersey City has its share of problems but feeling that you belong to a great community isn't one however it seems that since current administration has been in the White House more and more people have been emboldened to come out and say disgusting things about whatever group of people they view as the 'other' that day. Point in case, Adela Rohena, wtf is wrong with this "lady"? Though it pains me to know she lives here but at the same time gives me great elation that she is NOT indicative of Jersey City.   

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